Our research

We spend a great deal of time analysing developments in public sector policy-making and innovations in service design so that you can be confident that any recommendations we make to you are based on a deep understanding of what’s happening in the world of public sector service provision.

We pay close attention to the market, studying what works and what doesn’t, reviewing new sourcing models and compiling profiles on the major private and third sector service providers.

While many of our research projects are commissioned by our clients, we also have research programmes that we undertake on our own or in collaboration with partners such as SOLACE.

As a result, we know about the latest ideas, trends and their results – our research going beyond the usual top-level cost comparisons to build a much deeper and more useful understanding of new thinking on approaches to the delivery of public services.

Activist bring a unique insight and depth of knowledge to our policy work, particularly around commissioning. Their advice and involvement in discussions with Ministers and the civil service have been invaluable and important in sharing best practice across the sector.