Research and learning

Sharing knowledge and building skills



We spend a great deal of time analysing developments in the market and in public sector policy-making so that you can be confident that any recommendations we make to you are based on a deep understanding of what’s happening in your world.

While many of our research projects are commissioned by our clients, we also have research programmes that we undertake on our own or in collaboration with partners such as SOLACE.


We firmly believe that it’s better to develop your capabilities rather than build a dependency on us. We put knowledge transfer at the centre of our work.

We provide current and emerging leaders with specialist coaching support - often embedded in a wider project - to focus on their particular needs.

As part of our approach to strategic transformation, we can also provide robust external challenge for your projects in a 'non-executive' role, identifying how and where projects get stuck and helping leaders to reflect on how they can have the most positive impact on the organisation's culture.

If you prefer our training to be tailored, we can develop a training package to suit your organisation and the challenges it faces now, whether focused on strategic transformation, commissioning, regeneration or organisational culture and behaviour.

We can help you to establish methodologies and frameworks and provide you with industry-standard tools and techniques, tailored to make them practical and free from unnecessary bureaucracy.

Activist bring a unique insight and depth of knowledge to our policy work, particularly around commissioning. Their advice and involvement in discussions with Ministers and the civil service have been invaluable and important in sharing best practice across the sector.