Strategy and commissioning

Whatever drives your project, taking some time to pause and consider what your stakeholders really need is the best starting point. By stripping away assumptions and preconceptions, we can help you get to the heart of the matter and clarify the strategic outcomes for your project.

We will ask some fundamental questions about the kind of offer and interventions that will best meet the outcomes you want and help you to challenge whether existing methods are the best way of achieving them.

Pressures on finances demand fresh thinking and we will encourage you to clear the decks and concentrate on making the right choices and help you to manage the journey towards new models of service delivery.

Thoughtful strategic planning and a sound commissioning process are absolutely essential to the provision of good public services. We can help you navigate the best course for your organisation through the complexities.

Our methodology will help to provide a solid framework for generating innovation; working with your stakeholders; evaluating options; making decisions; managing risk; and delivering on your intended outcomes. Our approach will help you to make the complex manageable.



Their senior-level experience from working on a number of innovative projects means they offer you good, sensible and practical strategic advice. It's tailored to you and pragmatic.


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